# Hot news! *2024-07-15* I have recently updated the [[work]] section of the website, check it out! *2024-07-15* Playing a second performance of the album today at Eden, with my label friends Gnistan Records. start: 9 PM --> Loftet *2024-06-13* Premiering my unreleased album at the fifth [Otonos](https://albertogianelli.com/Website/music#Otonos) event at Hobo Hotel, Stockholm Sweden, Friday 14th of June - 11PM. ![[gallinara.JPG]] # Hi welcome to my work-in-progress website/portfolio/blog/digital garden/...yet to be defined...! I'm an educated [[work|engineer]] and independent [[music|artist]] based in stockholm, sweden. Originally, I'm from a small beach town called Andora, located on the north-west coast of Italy. Currently I work as senior electronics engineer at [teenage engineering](https://teenage.engineering/). Have fun exploring my work in this turtle-shaped island. # Contacts [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/vesto.comodo/) [LinkedIn](https://se.linkedin.com/in/gianellialberto) [Bandcamp](https://vestocomodo.bandcamp.com/) [Soundcloud](https://soundcloud.com/vestocomodo) For bookings, demos, consultancies or inquires [send me an email](mailto:[email protected])